Gems on the waterfront

The Scheldt River has a rich history. That is reflected in its heritage: numerous, typical Scheldt River villages and picturesque harbours keep the past alive. The maritime heritage related to shipbuilding is a sign of human industriousness along the river.

Maritime Museum Baasrode

Shipyards in Baasrode


Many cities and villages along the Scheldt River bear marks of their maritime history. Baasrode is a striking example. The former shipyards have been converted into an extraordinary site related to maritime heritage. The site includes a Maritime Museum, housed in the authentic mansion of the former shipyard owner. It gives a global image of shipbuilding in Flanders over the last two centuries.

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Nautical Visitor's Centre Boom Rupel Region

Nautical Visitor's Centre Rupel Region


In the visitor's centre you'll become acquainted with the history of shipbuilding in the Rupel Region. The centre is located in and around the ‘Clotilde’, the last sailing flat-bottomed clipper. In the auditorium that is shaped like a large silo - silos were a frequent sight along the right bank of the Rupel River - you'll see an audiovisual presentation of the significance of rivers for water recreation, river tourism and river transportation.

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Maritime Museum Mariekerke Bornem

Maritime and Fishing Museum


The Maritime and Fishing Museum on the banks of the Scheldt River covers inland shipping and inland fishing. Way back in the 13th century Mariekerke has two landings for fishing boats and fishing on the Scheldt River was quite important until the First World War. Mariekerke's fishermen went fishing in small dinghies, usually downstream towards Antwerp.

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Shipyard Chantier Naval Rupelmonde (CNR)


On the former CNR shipyard they are working on the preservation and reservation of our maritime heritage. In the Nautical Centre Rupelmonde you'll learn about the history of the Scheldt River and the nature on and along the banks of the river. Between the warehouse and the Scheldt River you'll find a slipway, a final remnant of the shipyard that was demolished at the end of the last century. It is now used to maintain traditional vessels.

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