Back and forth with the ferry


Scheldeland is ... walking and cycling through a breathtaking river landscape. The car-free and paved dyke roads and towpaths are the ideal setting for walking and cycling trips that take hours. The 12 ferries across the Scheldt, Durme and Rupel Rivers ensure that you can get from one bank to the other. The ferries can only be used by pedestrians and cyclists. They operate all year round and are completely free. Of course you must take the operating hours into account.

Between Schellebelle and Kruibeke there are lots of active ferries across the Scheldt River. Give them a try with the Scheldt Ferries Trip, which goes past the villages that were the décor for the TV series Stille Waters. Interesting detail: the ferry in Schellebelle is the only ferry in Scheldeland where you have to ring a bell to call for the ferryman.

The countless locks and bridges (such as the bicycle bridges across the Nete River and the Dyle River, the Mira bridge in Hamme and the bridge in Temse) bring you to the other side.

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