Child-friendly excursions in Scheldeland

Child-friendly excursions in Scheldeland

These seven places combining nature and playtime are seventh heaven for children

Looking for a fun day out with the whole family? In Scheldeland there are lots of lovely things to do. From an original barefoot path or thrilling escape room, to child-friendly walks in green surroundings. You'll find it all here. The children just won't stop talking about it, after all, it's not every day you get to walk with alpacas, right?

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1. An infant treasure trail with gnomes

Take your children with you to the most magical corners of Scheldeland. After all, legend has it that gnomes live along the Tiki path in Dendermonde! This enchanting walk is intended for tiny tots and is 600 metres long. It may sound short, but you'll be surprised. Small children will have a field day, as there are all kinds of opportunities to climb and play during the treasure hunt. In addition to the walk, there is also a playground for both young and older children. 

Brought a baby with you? Not a problem. With the exception of one small step, you can walk the whole way, as the Tiki path is entirely pushchair-proof. And free of charge as well. 

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2. Day out at Prullenbos

It's holiday or weekend, and you promised the children a day out, but where should you go? We all know the dilemma as parents. Prullenbos is a more than perfect solution. This child-friendly recreational domain, located on the border between Laarne and Wetteren, is rich in history. You can sense it in the ancient trees, the fresh air and the diverse fauna. Put on your walking shoes and go exploring. As the children enjoy running around in the play valley, parents can treat themselves to a cold beer, hot coffee and why not some delicious pancakes while you're at it. 

By the way, did you know that you can also stay the night in the magnificent Prullenbos? A glamping concept leaves the honours to the turquoise nature, and quite right too.

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3. An alpaca on the lead

Have you forgotten the art of walking since the lockdown? This child-friendly alpaca walk will undoubtedly provide plenty of inspiration for everyone. These fluffy creatures not only look sweet, they are cute and cuddly in real life. You'll find them at Alpaca Bambrugge in Erpe-Mere. Head into nature with the alpacas, with or without a guide, but always on the lead. Even the youngest children in the company will enjoy this original outing. They get to know these crazy animals and can stroke them to their heart's content. 

Handy to know: Alpaca Bambrugge offers packages and routes of different lengths. The walk can also be modified to make it pushchair or wheelchair friendly. The perfect day out with children.


4. Hunting for trolls in an old clay pit

Boom conjures up images of Tomorrowland, but the region also has lots more in store. The recreation domain De Schorre is just as magical as the world-famous festival. Not only for its unusual scenery - this green area is an old clay pit along which brick factories were once located - but also because the woods are riddled with trolls. These giant creatures from the artist Thomas Dambo are concealed in the grass and behind the trees. But you won't miss them, because they stand between 4 and 18 metres tall. Children look up to them with big and curious eyes.

After the adventure trail in the enchanted Troll forest, you can take off your walking shoes for a child-friendly barefoot path. Exciting every one of your senses. The brave-hearted among you will also enjoy a giant adventure tower. You can climb it (with the necessary safety harness). Feel that mighty rush of adrenalin.


5. Fort Liezele

The area around Fort Liezele is ideal for an excursion in the late summer, but it's also the perfect place in the depths of winter for a successful day out with the kids. If you want to discover the new interactive museum you'll need to be patient until May 2023, however, the landscape park is already accessible. This green oasis is beautifully serene. Stretch your legs, and get some fresh air. In the centre of the nature park you'll find a barefoot path. It's 300 metres, so not particularly long, however, the magnificent location on the Fort pond certainly makes it worthwhile. Putting your toes in the mud puts your feet on the ground.

After visiting the park, and perhaps a shot of coffee from Fort Café De Batterie, there is the playground at JOC Wijland. Young children will love it here. Do you have some older children with you (+ 8 years)? In Fort Liezele there are two blood-curdling escape rooms. Those cracking the brainteasers can claim chivalrous victory.


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6. Ducks in the water...

The way to the children's heart lies in the green residential and agricultural community of Berlare. The old nature of Donkmeer comes highly recommended. Donkmeer lake can be explored by waterbike or rowing boat. But the wider environment is also worthwhile, and home to a petting farm, zone with natural play equipment and an ancient duck decoy. For many parents from the region this place brings back many memories. This piece of patrimony, surrounded by a willow tunnel and picnic table was renovated in 2019. The renovation takes account of historical details. 

From here there is a handy short cut through to Nieuwdonk recreation domain. The pushchair-friendly walking route around the Donkmeer is 5 kilometres long. It gives you the best of Scheldeland's goodies: wonderful peace and quiet and magnificent turquoise nature.

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7. Can you spot the beavers at Baasveldbroek?

Hikers, joggers, fishermen and women, nature lovers… Everyone loves it at Blaasveldbroek, also known as ‘het Broek’. This nature area covers 160 hectares, of which 33 hectares are pools and turf pits. The result is a enchanting park. A dream for city people who are keen to escape the bustle, but also for birds - which will be clear from all the chirping. 

Don't want a ‘boring’ walk? Then do the beaver safari, a walk which will appeal to every age group. During the beaver safari the focus lies on looking hard. Who can be first to spot one? The route guides you along a trail of tree trunks. And yes, everything is pushchair-proof.

One, two, three, go!

Scheldeland is a treasure trove filled with natural gems. Hikers will walk their socks off, while children adore the enchanting Trollenbos, the mysterious gnomes, adorable alpacas and much more besides. Come and see it for yourself and enjoy an unforgettable outing with the kids.