Wine Estate Leeflank

Wine Estate Leeflank

Tasting wine and beer like a lord in Lede

Bosstraat 97
9340 Lede

A small and picturesque castle from 1869, surrounded by blossoming vines. On a summer's day you may feel like you are in Burgundy, however, Wine Estate Leeflank is actually in Lede in East Flanders. The domain produces its own wine, but also beer and kombucha. Everything can be tasted in the castle and on the pleasant summer terrace.

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The name Leeflank is dialect for 'the flank of Lede' and refers to the estate's location. However, the Vanryckeghem family, who run the estate, are delighted to offer another interpretation: ‘Drink onze drank en leef lang’. (Drink our drink and live a long time) Whether doctors agree is another story, but a visit will certainly make life happier.

Domein Leeflank Lede
Wijn Domein Leeflank

30-year tradition in wine

The Vanryckeghems are no novices when it comes to winemaking. The grandfather of Free, the manager, kicked off 30 years ago already with a humble vineyard in his garden. No comparison with the 2,700 vines that you'll now find on the estate, but a good start nonetheless. These days, the domain focuses mainly on Belgian sparkling wines, along with red and white wine. The white grapes are the famous Chardonnay type, while the red grapes are more original: fruhburgunder, spätburgunder, acolon and nebbiolo. Father Bart Vanryckeghem keeps a close eye on the wine production and daughter Lotte is a budding wine sommelier. So the future is in good hands!


Trendy, organic and local

There are still very few wine estates in Belgium, however, they are on the rise and very trendy. They wish to abandon the forced wine production still seen in the 'old' wine countries: the words of the day are organic, natural and local. And that's also the case in Leeflank. All drinks are unpasteurised and unfiltered, purely natural. That's how they taste best! The weeds in the vineyard are mechanically removed, parasites are dealt with by ladybirds and the grapes are harvested by hand. Labour intensive, but you taste the difference. When it comes to waste, Leeflank works as much as possible with local farmers.

Domein Leeflank
Bier Domein Leeflank

After wine comes beer

Belgium Beer land: why stop at wine? That's what they thought at Wine Estate Leeflank too. You can visit an impressive brewing installation where Free brews traditional beer, with herbs from the garden and parts of the vine that others would consider as waste. He got a taste for it as a young man: he made his first brew at the age of seventeen in the garden shed. The result is FAL beer: Funky As Leeflank. Meanwhile, the range has grown with a series of clean, barrel-aged and sour beers. Something for everyone!


After beer comes kombucha

And the brewing activities continue. Free also produces kombucha: fermented tea packed with probiotics and therefore the ideal non-alcoholic alternative - unless you use it in your cocktails, like Leeflank. The basic kombucha is seasoned throughout the year with new flavours, using available goodies from the garden: herbs, fruit, shoots,... The creativity is endless.

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Enjoyment on the summer terrace

That's all very well, but can normal mortals enjoy all those wonderful delights? You bet they can! You can order all of Leeflank's divine nectars from the webshop. Or you can make things more cosy. Every year, Leeflank opens its brewery café and summer terrace to the public on Sundays. Starting from 15 May until... as long as the sun shines! 

The summer terrace can accommodate 135 people when the weather is good and 75 when it isn't, with a stretch tent between the vines beside the country house. It's fun for all with a great glass of home-made (sparkling) wine, beer or kombucha, a punchy cocktail or home-made iced tea. And you won't go hungry either: there is sour dough pizza and a different food truck comes by every week. And each first Sunday of the month you can come and enjoy an extended brunch between the vines. As we said already: you'll feel like a lord in Lede.


Just taste it!

Want to dive deeper into the world of wine and beer? Leeflank offers guided tours for groups and workshops about brewing beer and kombucha. You can even arrange your own personalised beer here! And if you wish to organise a wedding or event: the tiny castle and 1-hectare of estate grounds are the ultimate backdrop for a stylish party.

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And there's more...

Feel free to explore the area here as well! Denderside Aalst is nearby, and there are lots of interesting walks to do in Lede (and its surroundings). The Vier Uitersten Walking route is only the proverbial stone's throw from the wine estate. A little further away you'll find the Welle & Kapellemeersen Walking route. Worn out from all that walking? Beside the Wine Estate Leeflank you can nourish your heart and soul at Afspanning De Jaeger.

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Can and see it for yourself

Fancy a trendy wine or funky beer? You're in the right place at Wine Estate Leeflank! Whether it's on the cosy summer terrace or for a tour and tasting: you can expect a wonderful experience!