Shipyards in Scheldeland

Shipyards in Scheldeland

Explore the gems by the water in Scheldeland

There's no Scheldeland without water. The strength of the river, causing communities to settle and grow. First, by providing the population with food. Then, by providing some flourishing industry. It was no different here, in Baasrode. For centuries, this place was where ships were manufactured, with little more than iron, wood, ingenious ideas and boatloads of craftsmanship. 

Veer Baasrode.jpg
Church of Baasrode near the Scheldt

Tribute to a lost trade

These days, this industry has disappeared. The busy shipyards took their final breath many years ago, killed by a cocktail of ever increasing large-scale production, rising production costs and a European economic plan that left no room for shipbuilding in Flanders.

Even so: industries disappears, ships sail by, but fortunately the irresistible tales of days gone by stay with us forever. In Baasrode these are gathered at the provincial heritage site Baasrode Shipyard. A trip through the fascinating history dotted with craftsmen, sailors and hard labour.

Proud resurrection of exciting stories

The tale of Baasrode is that of the Scheldt. This provincial heritage site accommodates the shipping museum, housed in the home of the former shipyard owner. The history of the workers converges with that of the shipyard. You gain a wonderful view of Flemish ship building through the ages – from rise to fall.

Starting in the 17th century. When majestic ships were made with traditional techniques. Wood, hammer, manpower – nothing more. The craft became an industry. And the ship-building methods became increasingly ingenious. 

Scheepswerven Baasrode9.jpg
Provincial Heritage Site Baasrode Shipyard

So much to enjoy!

Visit the brand-new permanent exhibition about the ancient ship building on the banks of the Scheldt, with the beautiful wooden hangar in the background, and discover the two historic ships that have returned to the dry docks where they were once manufactured: the péniche barge Lauranda and its successor with a motor, ALYV. Also on the heritage site you will find the internationally famous School of Ship Model building. This is where students learn to build accurate scale models of the ships that once rolled off the line here.

At Baasrode shipyard you stroll through the stories of shipbuilding, inland water transport and the sailing heritage in general. Admire unique heritage objects, the authentic yard archives and original blueprints. A must see for people interested in history – or budding sailors.

Nautisch Bezoekerscentrum Rupelstreek.jpg
Steenschuit de Clotilde in Boom

There's even more to visit in the area

Can't get enough of the fascinating history of ship building and the Scheldt? Then you'll be delighted to hear that there is even more to see in the region. Such as Steenschuit de Clotilde in Boom, a must for anyone who loves tidbits about river transport and water recreation.

Plus, in Rupelmonde you'll find the Nautical Centre, known as CNR, where non-profit organisation Tolerant tinkers with the authentic Scheldt ships. You can also do a trip on a ship on the Scheldt.

Further down, in Bornem, the Shipping and Fisheries Museum tells the tales of the Scheldt fishermen. 

Veer Baasrode-Moerzeke
The Baasrode-Moerzeke ferry across the Scheldt
Sint Gertrudiskerk Vlassenbroek
Artists' village of Vlassenbroek on the Scheldt

Enough of the water?

Has your urge for nautical adventures been satisfied? Then it's time for something else. How about discovering the shores along the Paling cycling route? This takes you to the most beautiful corners of the river Scheldt, which is your guide on this beautiful ride. 

You can also visit the picturesque village of Vlassenbroek, a little gem in the polders distinguished by its delightful appearance. And also its artistic inhabitants. Time appears to have stood still in this artists' village. The perfect escape route to find something extra – and for those who love a lovely village.