Provincial Heritage Site Baasrode Shipyard

Provincial Heritage Site Baasrode Shipyard

In the wake of an illustrious industry

Sint-Ursmarusstraat 137
9200 Baasrode
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The Provincial Heritage Site Baasrode Shipyard is one of the most beautiful of its kind. This industrial-archaeological attraction shows the rise and fall of shipyards along the Scheldt. What was once a flourishing industry, faded away due to large-scale production. Yet this industrial heritage still lives on today. And that is down to the stubborn determination of a number of local enthusiasts.

The shipyards are protected heritage. They are in the hands of the Province of East Flanders, which is transforming them into an exciting attraction. The site is being completely upgraded and combines what was actually once three yards: Van Damme, Van Praet and De Toekomst shipyards. 

Scheepswerven Baasrodee
Hangar at Van Damme Shipyard
Provinciale Erfgoedsite Scheepswerven Baasrode
Construction workshop at Van Praet-Dansaert

The oldest surviving shipyard in the country

Here you can walk through 3 hectares with reminders of the once flourishing industry. The last shipyard closed its doors in 1986. To this day, this remains the ultimate location for shipping enthusiasts. And it's truly worth a visit.

This former shipyard is the best kept shipyard in Flanders. You can see the whole lot: dry docks,  offices and hangars. In the future, you will also be able to admire the workshops. This was once a hive of activity and impressive ships slid down to the Scheldt. More is revealed in the detailed archives and extensive library.

Scheepswerven Baasrode1.jpg
Lounge of the former home of ship builder Emiel Van Damme

A grand home

The majestic residence is the former home of ship builder Emiel Van Damme The large lounge on the street side – the Royal Salon – displays wall and ceiling paintings by Venetian artists. The paintings were applied to commemorate the launch of the merchant ship Léopold I. The entire building oozes grandeur and is a reminder of the golden age. 

Lauranda Provinciale Erfgoedsite Scheepswerven Baasrode
Dry dock Van Praet-Dansaert
botter Provinciale Erfgoedsite Scheepswerven Baasrode
Eel launch Rosalie

Admire authentic ships

Did you know that you can see two historic ships on the premises? The Lauranda from 1928 is a non-motorised péniche that was built here. The ALYV, built here in 1932, does have an engine.

Both ships are in excellent shape and provide a unique insight into the craft of the region's ship builders.

Become (a kind of) ship builder yourself!

Would you like to set to work as a ship builder yourself? Then we will have to disappoint you: all the large shipyards in Flanders have closed down. However, we refuse to lose the art of ship making entirely, and the non-profit organisation Scheepvaartmuseum is building a proper eel launch, called a 'botter'. Fortunately things can also be done on a smaller scale. So the famous School for Ship model building is accommodated here too. That is where you can learn to build accurate models of the ships that once rolled off the line. 

In the coming years this heritage site will still change dramatically in appearance. New developments are planned by the Province, in collaboration with  Dendermonde council and the 2 non-profit organisations. This means that the site continues its evolution and this unique piece of heritage will get the attention it deserves.

Visit the heritage site

Would you like to see the heritage site for yourself? You're welcome! All the information you need is available on the heritage website.