4 x accommodation near unique nature

4 x accommodation near unique nature

Lovely leisure near an extraordinary piece of Sigma nature

Everywhere along the banks of the Scheldt there are special flood plains. These have been added thanks to the Sigma plan, a project that aims to protect the hinterland from floods and water nuisance. An additional advantage of the innovative Sigma plan: the flood areas have become breathtaking pieces of Sigma nature, enjoyed by both humans and animals.

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Holiday home ’t Notenboomhuisje: exploring the Kalkense Meersen

A sweet old milk house under a large nut tree. ‘t Notenboomhuisje in Kalken is like something from a fairytale. But don't be deceived: the charms of this romantic holiday house are combined with modern comfort. In addition to a fitted kitchen and bathroom with a walk-in shower, there is also a private sauna. Ideal for a breather after a hectic week at work.

And you'll also enjoy the water in this area. ’t Notenboomhuisje is right next to the Kalkense Meersen. In this delightful nesting zone for water birds, the water plays permanent games with the land, with the mighty Scheldt in the background. Using the nodes in the Kalkense Meersen Donkmeer walking network you can map out wonderful trails, which take you to some pretty pieces of nature with endless vistas. Don’t forget your binoculars. After all, if you''re going to spot water birds and other birds like the reed bunting, black-tailed godwit, shoveler or even the rare whinchat anywhere, then it will be here!

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B&B De Stuifduinen: Between Kalkense Meersen and Warandeduinen

You may not expect it, yet Wetteren still boasts lots of beautiful green places. The provincial domain Den Blakken, a 8.5 hectare area of woodland, including indigenous birch trees and common oak trees, and De Warandeduinen. The dunes were formed in the Holocene, when rivers carved deep gullies in the sand and caused sand to be deposited. The wind then took over and turned the sand banks into sand dunes. 

B&B De Stuifduinen is named after the sand dunes and the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful nature, as well as discovering the Kalkense Meersen, as a sigma area. The Kalkense Meersen take you to extensive areas of wet grasslands abundant with flowers, where the sweeping wind, the waxing water and golden silence carry you off in blissful meditation. You can go on foot, or rent one of the two new bikes from the B&B. Can't get enough of this area? In the rooms, poetically named Morning Sun and Evening Sun, you will dream of the richly chequered Scheldt landscape.

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Holiday home Vertentenhuis: unique tranquillity in Den Bunt

Hamme-born Father Vertenten set off to New-Guinea in 1910 as a missionary. There, he protected the indigenous population from life-threatening diseases thanks to a vaccination campaign. A street in Hamme has been named after him, just like a holiday home in the same street: holiday home Vertentenhuis. 

Holiday home Vertentenhuis is not only a place to enjoy the comfort of the beautiful furnishings, but also to discover the local area. For example, cycle to De Bunt, where old turf terrains now serve as a flood area. These days, they are a playground for waterbirds, green landscapes and swaying trees where you can blow the cobwebs away and enjoy the rare and complete tranquillity. 

Also not to be missed is Lippenbroek, a delightful nature area that is alive with plants, birds and fish. The local ecosystem acts as a natural water purification system; seen nowhere else in the world. Please note: you cannot walk in Lippenbroek itself. Otherwise you would disturb the pure nature and scientific experiments that are conducted here. But do check the online tide table and head to the dyke when it's ebb, to watch the water enter the area through the sluice. An unforgettable spectacle!

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Pod camping: romantic night in two sigma areas

In Bornem, just a stone's throw from where the river Rupel, the Sea Canal and the Schelde converge, two flood areas have been constructed: the Oudbroek polder and Schelland polder. When the water bursts the banks of the Scheldt in a storm tide, it can escape here without causing harm. In this way, the residental areas behind remain dry. With their creeks, pools and streams, the polders are a charming area for walking and cycling. Wetland nature is fresh and cool in a hot summer, and the home of unique fauna and flora throughout the year.  

If you're keen to really get to know the polders, spend a relaxing weekend here. You can say in the pod-shaped tree tents belonging to the Dutch artist Dré Wapenaar. They hang high and dry in the trees on the domain of De Notelaer in Bornem. So there's no fear of wet feet. And the fact you're here in one of the nine quiet sanctuaries on offer in Flanders, means that all you hear is the murmur of trees, the chirping of birds and the lapping of streams. 

There are four tents in total, each with a round mattress for two adults and two children. Running water, toilets and picnic benches can be found in the bivouac area on the ground. A must for nature lovers, adventurous explorers and romantic souls!

Come and stay close to the delightful Sigma areas

Escape the daily routines for a while and go exploring in the tranquil turquoise Sigma nature. If you want to return home feeling reborn, then stay at least one night, or more. Surf to the website of your favourite accommodation near a unique flood area. That's where you’ll find information about prices and availabilities to book your relaxing weekend away!