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Floralies Wetteren Flower Region

Flower Region

Wetteren, Melle, Laarne, Wichelen and Destelbergen

Rhododendrons, roses, conifers and trees: these are only a few examples of flowers that grow in the fields of Scheldeland. More than 200 specialised ornamental plant farms cultivate no less than 2000 different tree nursery products. From April to the beginning of October there is always something in bloom. Provincial Domain Den Blakken is the ideal operating base. It is used as a promotional garden for the ornamental plant crops that are cultivated in the Flower Region.

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Sint-Amands Stille Waters

Quiet water villages

Mariekerke and Sint-Amands

In the 'Land van Klein-Brabant' the Scheldt River winds through green banks, mud flats and salt marshes, and the picturesque villages of Sint-Amands and Mariekerke. This was the décor for the TV series Stille Waters. Sint-Amands has a very charming quay and ferryman. The view of the Scheldt River from the quay is breathtaking. Mariekerke is well-known for its eel dishes.

Brickmaking Rupel Region

Brickworks in the Rupel Region

Boom, Hemiksem, Schelle, Niel, Terhagen, Rumst

The Rupel Region is synonymous with clay extraction and brickmaking. Brickworks and a typical cay pits landscape dominated the region for centuries. The clay pits, ovens and chimneys are contemporary traces of the hard labour from back then. Impressive sites that are more than worth a visit: Noeveren-Hellegat with the 'Booms brickworks museum', the Nautical Visitor's Centre and the New Belgica wharf.

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Fort Breendonk Willebroek

Fort Breendonk


The Nazis pursued a horrible policy in Fort Breendonk during the Second World War. Political opponents and resistance fighters were locked up here before being deported to concentration camps. The fort was declared a National Memorial in 1947. The visitor's route displays the horrors of the Nazi regime in an impressive and poignant manner.

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