Great War Scheldeland

Cycle past traces of the Great War

Cycling through Scheldeland's war history with three new cycling routes that were mapped out for the commemoration of the Great War.

The brochure '100 Years Great War – Cycling in Scheldeland' takes you to the most important WWI locations in Aalst, Dendermonde, Zele, Lebbeke, Buggenhout, Puurs, Bornem and Sint-Amands. The three theme routes in the brochure will acquaint you with different war stories:

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Discover the three cycling routes

Life in occupied territory

Aalst-Dendermonde-Lebbeke (42 km)
  • About the battle in Aalst, life during the occupation, the invasion of the German troops in Dendermonde and the civilian victims in Lebbeke.
  • Starting at the city park of Aalst, which was laid-out to preserve Aalst's men from hard labour, you'll cycle along the Dender River towards 'Martyr's City' Dendermonde. During WWI this city was almost completely destroyed.
  • You'll also ride along part of the Leirekens Route, an old railway route that was of strategic importance during the war.

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Past dykes and woods – Battle in Scheldeland

Zele –Dendermonde-Buggenhout (75 km)
  • About the bloody battle on the banks of the Scheldt River between Berlare and Dendermonde and the forgotten battle of Buggenhout Forest.
  • You mainly cycle on the dykes of the Scheldt River, where fierce battles were fought just like in the forests of Buggenhout and on the banks of the Dender River.
  • You can choose your departure point (Zele or Buggenhout) and you can shorten the route if desired.

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Cycling past WWI forts

Puurs-Bornem-Sint-Amands (51 km)
  • About the 'Stelling van Antwerpen' and the forts of the fourth sector in Scheldeland.
  • It focuses on the forts of Liezele and Bornem and the bulwark of Puurs.
  • The route takes you past the picturesque villages of Sint-Amands, Mariekerke and Lippelo, unique historic heritage, beautiful Scheldt River views and lots of nature.

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